Digital Pollution Table

The Digital World is increasingly polluted with lies, scams, endless Marketing and general rubbish – spam, fake products, fake services, fake news, falsified reviews, idiots pouring out meaningless drivel onto the Internet to satisfy their own egos, celebrity trivia and more and all of this drowns out the useful, helpful and honest content.

Some suggestions for positive and negative contributions in the Digital World



Meaningful reviews of products, services and companies Fake or inaccurate reviews or paid for reviews
Search Engine Optimisation

–          Honest backlinks

–          Structured Content

–          Honest, original content

–          Honest blog posts, articles etc.

Black SEO or cheat SEO

–          Paid for backlinks

–          False structuring

–          Faked content

–          Bought blog posts, articles etc.

Organic growth in friends, followers, likes etc. on social media Paid for growth in friends, followers, likes etc. on social media
Accurate advertising Misleading advertising
Truthful News Fake News
Useful comments on blogs, forums, websites etc. Spam comments on blogs, forums, websites etc.
Emails to one or a few people Emails cc’d to half the organisation
Useful newsletters Newsletters produced to a schedule with no discernible content
FACTS Opinions masquerading as Facts
Meaningful conversations Vacuous, nasty or shouting conversations


What would you add to the positive side or negative side or both? Let me know by email.

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