Covid Relief on Credit Cards

There are many Coronavirus scams to do with protective equipment, fake treatments, priority access to vaccines, government grants etc.

This latest scam uses cold calling – the scammers call or you get a computerised message on your answering service.

The message says they can offer 0% interest on a new credit card due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

To sweeten the deal, they will also transfer over to their card all of your current credit card debts and they will do this for free and then offer 0% interest on those debts as well.

All sounds great but obviously is lies as anyone offering 0% interest for more than a short period is going to go bankrupt.

Never trust such callers and never respond to computerised messages. They simply want your card details so they can steal from you.

If you want a better deal for credit than you currently have – research the offers available and make sure they are genuine before signing up for anything.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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