Stupidest Spam of the Week Impossible Money Lender

There are lots of scammers offering fake loans at almost zero interest and for any reason.

People would have to be quite desperate to take any notice of these sort of obvious scam emails, but some do.

This latest one  is from and ‘.xyz’ is not a domain name suffix that any legitimate lending institution would use, so obviously it’s a scam.

“We provide loans up to 500k without requiring good credit or collateral.”

Anyone would did lend to people with a poor credit rating and no collateral would be throwing their money away unless they had some way of guaranteeing the loans.

“we provide an Instant Approval in less than 30 seconds and funding the next day.”

The purpose of the email is to get you to click the link to ‘find out how much you qualify for’.

To get that answer you have to provide your financial details which the scammer can then sell to other criminals and rob your accounts.

Only ever consider loans from reputable financial institutions

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