Comedian Joe Lycette And The Property Scammer

Joe Lycette is a comedian and he likes to take on scammers, using humour.

One story he tells is about how a property scammer tried to con him, but Joe turned the tables and had a lot of fun in the process.

A friend of Joe’s was looking for a property on Gumtree and was emailing with an agent about a property he was interested in but realised it was probably a scam. His friend passed the emails to Joe

Joe then emailed Gemma the scammer posing as a property agent, saying he was interested in the property.

The agent claimed she was in Stockholm and needed Joe to pay $220 deposit so she could arrange a viewing.

The payment should be via her trusted partner

Joe sent her an email claiming he was on holiday in Stockholm and wanted to meet up.

Then the agent claimed she had left and was in Munich.

“Guten tag Frau Gemma – what a co-incidence” he replied “I’m also in Berlin in Potsdamer Platz”,.

So she then claimed to have left Berlin, but still wanted the $220.

Joe then replied that he was happy to forward the money, but a friend of his at the FBI would just do a quick check first to ensure it wasn’t a scam.

Gemma replied quickly –“The property is no longer on the market. Please confirm receipt of this message”

Then another email   – “Did you get my last email?”

He got a series of these progressively more desperate messages saying there was no need for an FBI check.

He ignored these for a few days  then finally replied.

“In order to secure cancellation of the FBI check you will need to pay me a deposit of $300 through my trusted partner  or alternatively promise to stop trying to scam people. “

He actually got an apology and a promise from Gemma.

Joe performs this story very well – you can find him on Youtube.

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