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Stupidest Scam or Spam of the Week

An email titled ‘No More Veggies. Substitute This”

This is from Tyler Bramlett, who seems devoid of basic common sense.

He’s pushing a drink made of greens, that is called Organify and he seems to believe it is very healthy.

Not eating vegetables cannot possibly be a healthy action to take.

He goes on to claim he gets sent around 35 supplements each week by people wanting him to endorse their products but he only picks 1 or 2 to do so.

Drinking apple juice is not as healthy as eating apples. Drinking green vegetable water is not as healthy as eating green vegetables. It’s very simple really.

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Time-Wasters Update

So, what rubbish emails and calls have there been to Brooklands Radio station in the last few days?

An email from Sara asking for full-time work or to be an intern in order to gain experience in the field. But she has no idea who we are or what we do so it’s just a scam.

Another message supposedly from Whatsapp (there’s a few of these every week) telling us our trial subscription has ended. But we don’t have such a subscription so it cannot be ending and the email is from which always means it’s a scam.

Mr. A James Lyon offering a free mortgage review. But he works for a Marketing company so he’s just trying to find leads to sell to mortgage companies. No thanks.

This email starts ”Did You hear the News?” and goes on about a man assaulted at a bar as he tried to collect his 5th winnings on the lottery. A surprising but still pitiful attempt to claim someone knows the secret to winning the lottery. It’s simple – the more you play the more chance you have of winning. But also the more you play the more you lose is the general experience.

Now a man who had discovered the secret that Big Pharma has tried to keep from us – the  cure for diabetes. Nope. The scammers only secret is their identity while they try to con money from people.

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The Fundraising Preference Service

Charities have long been an established part of life, carrying out everything from hospice care to cancer research to caring for orphaned children to seeking responsible treatment of animals etc.

In Britain there are well over 200,000 registered charities and estimated to be a lot more that aren’t registered as they are too small.

Charities have a good name and do a good job but in recent years in the UK, many large charities became too focussed on collecting money and using unscrupulous methods to do so.

From reports of chuggers (the charity collectors in the street who stop you and wont let go till you’ve signed up) to the ones that trade names of donors so they can each cold call more people to those using boiler room tactics on cold calling. Some people have reported getting hundreds of such calls per week and being frightened to leave their phone connected.

There is now the Fundraising Preference Service.

You can register online at

Or call 0300 303 3517. You register yourself (or another person) so as to not be bothered by the charities you elect to block.

You need to supply your name and address and pick which charities to block.  That’s all there is to it.

You can register someone else on the service and they will be sent a message informing them of the registration. This is so that carers and family members and neighbours can register people unable to do so themselves.

Most of the charities have learned to behave better following the bad publicity but this will hopefully make them more responsible as well and stop a lot of the unnecessary bothering of people that still goes on.

In its first days, the FRP was receiving 114 requests per ho0r so you can see this service is very much needed.

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Time-Wasters Update

So, what rubbish emails and calls have there been to Brooklands Radio station in the last few days?

Another magic weight loss secret (this one is soup) that lets you lose up to 37 pounds in just 20 days. You’d have to have your mouth sewn shut to have any hope of achieving that speed of weight loss.

An email offering inclusion on a property deal in Leeds giving a 10% return. But it’s just a Marketing company looking for leads.

Apparently Brooklands Radio can get a free quote from a leading debt collection agency. We’re a volunteer organisation – no debts.

An email containing just a link to – but we also received two identical emails to people who don’t exist at the radio station. Simple spam messages.

An email from offering to help us find HMRC registered payroll service providers. We’re a volunteer organisation – no payroll.

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The Amazon Order Cancellation Scam

You receive an email that seems to be from order-update It is addressed to my email address, not ‘unknown recipients’ or blank as most phishing emails are usually addressed.

The title is “ – Your Cancellation 139-216896-257848336”

This looks genuine.

The email describes the cancellation of an order yesterday and the relevant book title and details.

There is a link to the order to review it and at the bottom of the email there is a link to Amazon.

Both of these links are fake – they go to which is clearly not Amazon.

These phishing emails look very professional – an exact match for Amazon emails and no spelling mistakes or poor grammar.

Many people use a family account for Amazon so may not immediately recognise the email to be fake.

Do not be tempted to click on the links to see what happens or unthinkingly believing it will get you to the relevant Amazon page – because it won’t. The link is to a fake version of an Amazon page and it just wants your Amazon access details so the thieves can plunder your Amazon account.

What about the fact that the email appears to be from Amazon?

The senders have ‘spoofed’ the Amazon address so the email does appear to be from Amazon. This is more difficult to do than the average scammer will bother with but some do use this spoofing technique to make their messages seem more genuine.  (  tells you more about spoofing)

What should you do if you receive one of these phishing emails that seems to be from Amazon?

Amazon say the best approach is to send the phishing email as an attachment to and they will be able to establish where the email originated and hopefully stop the perpetrators.

If you have any experiences with scammers, spammers or time-waster do let me know, by email.

Marz: Use This Spray and Watch the Weight Drop Off

The email title is “Lose 50 Kilos in 2 months

That’s almost 1 kilo per day – pretty extreme. Plus, even amongst very overweight people – there’s only a small number would actually want to lose 50 kilos.

The tagline is “Just one pump is more effective than a full 6 mile run”

Supposedly the product also cleans all toxins from your body and you lose weight without having to watch what you eat.

Too good to be true?

Of course it is, so it’s a scam.

The majority of the email is taken up with reference to an American TV programme called the Shark Tank which is similar to Dragons Den in the UK. A bunch of business people assess new products and services brought to them by entrepreneurs seeking cash and  advice.

This product was on Shark Tank and received a mixed reception with some liking, some disliking and one calling it a scam.

Is the product any good?

You have to judge that for yourself (and the Shark Tank interview is on Youtube) but the following points may help:-

  • The spray is basically a lot of vitamins – that’s fine as long as the doses are appropriate
  • It contains a number of substances such as Caffeine and Guarana that some people believe can help with weight reduction, but there is a lack of proper scientific evidence to support this.
  • The only direct evidence for the product is anecdotal i.e. some people who have used the product believe in it

The product continues to sell – so it has believers, but it’s not cheap and there is a lack of hard evidence of any effectiveness beyond that of standard vitamin supplements.

However, even if the product is genuine – do not click on the links in the spam emails, as these are almost certainly fake. If you want the product – go to the original supplier in America.

If you have any experiences with scammers, spammers or time-waster do let me know, by email.

How to Freeze Your Credit

This is not about stopping paying interest or anything similar. It’s about protecting yourself against scammers opening new lines of credit in your name.

It may be a somewhat extreme approach, but for some afflicted by scammers – choosing to freeze their credit accounts and blocking the ability to take out more credit can be a sensible if temporary move.

How to Freeze Your Credit Cards

You have to contact each of your credit card providers and either cancel the card or request that they block the card for a period. Asking to freeze your card (while still paying any interest due) is a rare request and they may not want to co-operate. However if necessary you can always cancel the card and open a new account after you  no longer feel the need to block access.

How to Stop Scammers Taking Out New Lines of Credit

You have to contact each of the three primary credit bureaus and request a block on new credit. They will give you a 10 digit pin number without which no-one can take out new credit cards etc in your name even if they have all the necessary other information about you.

Equifax:  or call 0845-603-3000.

Call Credit : or call 0330-024-7574

Experian:   or call 0344-481-0800

Credit freezes can be a hassle if you need to unfreeze your reports because you’re applying for a loan for example, it can take several days to unfreeze it and allow access.

A credit freeze won’t help prevent fraud on existing accounts, which constitutes 88 percent of identity theft.

Regular Reports

It makes sense to regularly check your credit reports. You get one free credit report per year from each of the three major credit bureaus.

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