Time-Wasters Update

Do you want a $100 bill coated in 24 K gold – for free? Sounds too good to be true, because it is a scam of course. But that’s the message in a flood of emails – you have to give the scammer your name, email address and physical address to get the money. There is no money of course, gold plated or otherwise  – all you would get is your name and details added to the suckers list that is passed around between scammers, then you would be flooded with other scams. Golden money is a nice idea though.

An email from Amazon tells me my Prime account is due for resubscription but my credit card details are out of date and I must update them or face the loss of my Prime account. The email isn’t really from Amazon of course as I don’t have a Prime account. It’s from mvv.fox.gzpprquetuqaq.com which is obviously not Amazon. If I clicked the link it would take me to a fake website made to look like Amazon and it’s job is to get people’s login and passwords as these sell for a high price.

Another email claiming we owe some business an amount of money. This one says she has tried repeatedly to get in touch with us and we have to pay up or she will start legal proceedings. However, there is no company name, just her title of book-keeper and she addresses us as Dear customer giving away that she has no idea who the email has gone to and has likely been sent to millions of email addresses.   A sad pathetic scammer.

Yet another HMRC grant offer arrives – fake of course. It has an attachment that the scammer wants you to open. No thanks – keep your malware. Strangely this email contains a reference “All content is licensed under Open Government Licence v3.0”. That licence does exist and lets people repeat a government message, but is not relevant in this case as the sender is a scammer not a media outlet informing people of something worthwhile.

Chen Susheng says he came across my name on Linkedin and has something very important to tell me – I just have to reply to his message to find out. It’s simple scam – just trying to find out which email owners are dumb enough to reply to an obviously fake message from someone they have never heard of. Do not reply to people you do not know.

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