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The CD in the Post

Rob of Weybridge received a CD in the post and at least one of his neighbours also received a similar CD.

Rob says:

In both cases, the envelope didn’t have a name, just the address and first part of the postcode, so the scammers have presumably just picked addresses at random within a postcode and sent out the envelopes.

Most scammers use email as it is almost free whereas stamps cost money, but this scammer clearly tried a different approach.

Please watch out as this is a scam method used by people to gather your data.

Usually, the envelope will not contain any name on the address and only the first part of the postcode.

The disc will most likely contain data claiming to be in relation to a court case or ‘CPS’ documents.

Please be aware that by putting this disc into your computer, laptop, Mac etc you are exposing yourself to keyloggers and malware.

Keyloggers track every stroke of the keyboard you make and can therefore mean that scammers can obtain information such as your bank login.

If you receive an unknown disc, USB drive or hard drive: NEVER PUT IT IN YOUR COMPUTER.

Thanks Rob.

Follow Rob’s instructions and stay safe.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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