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Stupidest Scam of the Week Royal Mail Delivery

Most people have received scam emails and text messages claiming to be from Royal Mail trying to deliver something but failing and needing you to login and pay some small fee or give them your name and address etc.

Some scammers go to great lengths to make the messages look as genuine as possible and some are just lazy and only put a few lines, with no effort to look genuine.

This latest scam is in the middle – some effort but still pathetically obvious as a scam.

The message sender claims to be Royal Mail but is in fact  which is a Japanese domain name.

“Royal Mail has received your item from your City Council” is a strange phrase as Royal Mail will contact you about delivery not about how they received a delivery in the first place.

“Unfortunately, nobody was home to deliver your parcel.”  Makes no sense as the person doing the delivering should be the postal worker not the person at home who would receive the item not deliver it.

The link to click to track the delivery tries to look like an NHS address which is very odd and presumably from a different scam email and it is in fact to which sounds like a barber shop in Switzerland – obviously not Royal Mail.


If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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The Order Processing Scam

An email titled “Your Order Number 967025 Has Been Processed”

It continues “Dear Client, please check your order details to ensure everything is correct”

Your Order: 967025

Date: 22/9/2017

Order Status: processed

Payment Method: Credit Card

Delivery Method: 2-3 days by Fed Ex

Then full address and contact details for EJRN Shop in London

And a breakdown of the items etc.

All looks very official, but of course it’s a phishing scam – designed to get you to click and provide account details on a fake webpage.

Many of this sort of scam message is full of grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes to put off most readers but this one is very professional.

The giveaway that it’s a scam is that the supposed shop name is EJRN whereas the email is from and I’ve never ordered anything from either company.

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Missed Parcel Delivery Card

parcel graphic

Huge numbers of parcels are delivered by Royal Mail and if you’re not at home when the postman calls then she leaves a card telling you where and when  you can pick up the item and a phone number for more information.

But scammers have been creating fake ‘missed delivery” cards that look very similar to the original Royal Mail version which is called the ‘Something For You’ card.

The scammer posts the fake card through your door and hopes that you phone the number on the card.

If you do, it’s a very expensive call to a long recorded message and you will may only notice when your phone bill arrives just how expensive it was.

There are other variants on this scam, including one where the delivery is claimed to be highly valuable and you must phone urgently or one where you have to phone and pay a charge for re-delivery. Of course there is no such item.

Take care before calling the number on any mail delivery cards put through your letter box.

If you have any experiences with scammers, spammers or time-waster do let me know, by email.

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