A Delivery of Cash from the World Bank

I am exhorted to “Hurry Up and Contact Your Agent for Your $11 Million Dollars Consignment Box Immediately”.

This is supposedly cash to be delivered to me by the World Bank.

The email claims to be from the World Bank but is in fact from scottanderson929 @gmail.com which is a private email address.

There is a lengthy email explaining about the various bodies that make up the World Bank group, then it claims that due to my ‘horrible experience and losses’ they have discovered I have lost so much money trying to receive my funds but could not succeed. The grammar is strange as in so many of these scam messages.

The scammers seem to assume that so many people have now been scammed by them that they can send this sort of rubbish out in mass mailings and try to scam those people again with a story about how they have been deceived and are due compensation.

Some people fall for these 419 scams i.e. the promise of a fortune and a ridiculous story to explain the unexpected wealth but it seems unlikely such people would be dumb enough to get caught out a second time with essentially the same story, but maybe some do.

To claim the money I have to send an email to a different private email account with my name, address, date of birth, photo, occupation etc.  The usual information that scammers want for phishing emails and identity theft.

The email then goes into details about how the agent will travel to my home to personally deliver the consignment of $100 bills. E.g. it will be in an unbranded carboard box to hide its value.

All pathetic rubbish – the World bank don’t send money to people – they only deal with governments.

The catch in the scam is that I have to arrange to pay the $200 delivery fee. Sounds pretty cheap for someone to cross the Atlantic to deliver to my home when any sane person would simply do a money transfer.

Promises of a fortune are always scams.

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