Very Expensive Locksmiths

Scam locksmiths are operating again in the Surrey area and probably also across many other parts of the country.

They advertise on Google as a local specialist firm willing to do emergency lock replacements etc. and they probably even have a set of very positive reviews on Google.

Some even run this as a scam covering multiple areas with calls coming into a scammer’s call centre.

The scam is that the work will be poor quality as the staff have little idea of what they’re doing. Plus they will use cheap parts and charge extortionate prices for them e.g. over a thousand pounds to replace a door lock instead of the more reasonable £200 – £250

How to Find Genuine Local experts

Personal recommendations can be very useful – perhaps ask your neighbours for their experiences of local locksmiths and who they would recommend.

Ideally get 3 quotes from local locksmiths and make sure these are in writing. If a business won’t provide a quote in writing then steer clear of them.

These two websites below can offer recommendations but beware that online reviews can be  cheated by determined scammers.

Before you let any tradesman or woman into your home – check their identification. Licensed locksmiths have a Master Security License Number provided for identification purposes, which is usually visible on their vehicle and identity card.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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