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How to Make Your Website Trusted

The first steps in having your website trusted are the obvious ones – make sure there is nothing that would concern people e.g. selling items of dubious or inconsistent quality, excessive advertising, advertising of business such as gambling, over promising on products or services then being unable to meet those promises, poor customer service, excessive profit margins, inaccurate advertising, poor quality website etc.

Once you have eliminated anything that could put people off then you’re left with two basic things – building a good reputation and hoping for great online reviews by your customers.

These both need a lot of time and effort to happen. Good reputations don’t happen overnight and people will only add great reviews when your sales process, quality of products and services, customer service etc. are top notch.

There is another way to increase trust and that is to become accredited by the various relevant bodies for whatever industry you are in and also to be accredited or registered with the various bodies that review websites.

Recent research shows that most customers don’t understand security on the Internet but they do trust various organisations and hence trust their judgements on trustworthy websites.

To the question “Which badge gives you the best sense of trust when paying online” the results show

  • Norton 36%
  • MacAfee 23%
  • Truste
  • BBB

Other badges did also register but these four were the most recognised and trusted by far.

What do you have to do to get Norton accreditation for example?

You buy a Symantec SSL certificate and implement that on your website.

The other companies listed above are Trust based rather than simply SSL recognition.

As well as the trusted badges, in assessing a website, consumers report that they look for qualities including

  • up to date information
  • fresh content
  • easy ways to contact the business
  • honesty about any problems
  • negative comments as well as positive ones
  • where appropriate – pictures of the management.

Make your website trusted for genuine reasons – don’t shortcut.

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Trust Based Lending

eyes-1571860_640The email starts – “Apply now for a guarantor loan up to £15,000 from the UK’s leading guarantor loans company”.

 “48.9% APR Representative”.

Can you believe that? – basically a 50% interest rate. One hundred times the Bank of England base rate

It goes on – “Wouldn’t it be great if you could borrow money based on the relationships that you have instead of your credit history? With a TFS Guarantor Loan you can do just that. A guarantor loan is an alternative way to borrow that can provide you with an affordable loan for any purpose based on trust instead of your credit score”.

“Everyone’s considered – providing you can afford the payments and have a guarantor who is a homeowner aged 18 – 78”.

So, you can borrow money as long as you have someone willing to pay the loan if you cannot. And if they cannot pay the loan then the company takes their home to sell off instead.

This is perfectly legal but morally quite wrong.

Don’t go for things like this.