Post Office Tears Up Scam letters

The Royal Mail has promised to destroy millions of letters sent by scammers. Also, where the Post Office believes letters are carrying money from UK citizens to scammers, they will be impounded and checked.

The Royal Mail makes a lot of money delivering “Marketing” letters of course so it’s not surprising they haven’t wanted to take action to stop the flood of scam letters included in that. The scammers were even able to use Royal Mail bulk mail contracts and have Royal Mail stamped on the envelopes.    This gave the letters a ‘trust’ factor.

However, pressure from newspapers, complaints and a word from the Prime Minister have brought about a change of heart and Royal Mail have introduced a new code of practice with all suppliers that lets them open letters they believe are scams.

Campaigner and broadcaster Esther Rantzen who has investigated postal fraud in the past said “I’m delighted Royal Mail is taking action to stamp out these appalling crimes against the most vulnerable people.  I’ve been horrified by the number of elderly people who’ve been victims of these fraudsters”.

Also, Royal Mail have said they will stop letters being sent to known scammers and where cash is involved – return it to the victim.

Royal Mail will also contact any homes they suspect of being targeted by scammers and will send warnings by recorded delivery to ensure they get to the intended recipient.

Good for Royal Mail and about time too.

To complain to the Riyal Mail about scam letters, emails or calls you have three choices

By post:              FREEPOST SCAM MAIL

By Email:  

By Telephone:    03456 113 413 (message service only)

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