Worldwide Business Review Awards

World Wide Business Review magazine send out huge numbers of emails to businesses  asking if they would accept a nomination in the 2017 UK Enterprise Awards hosted by Worldwide Business Review.

Who nominates the businesses? – that isn’t disclosed but it’s an easy assumption that it’s whoever is on the email lists they buy.

If you send a reply email accepting their nomination then you get a letter asking for supporting information.

The supporting information is fairly standard :-

  • An overview of the company
  • Flagship products or services
  • Biggest achievements to date
  • Future of the company
  • An award winning area of the business
  • Main competitors and what sets your business apart from theirs
  • Details about the individual

These are all sensible areas of research into a potentially award winning business, but the last question is the killer.

“Do you have a suggested award title?”

This is not about a reason for the award – it’s about trying to get the ‘customer’  to commit to the idea of wining by selecting their own winners title.  In essence – everyone can have an award.

Is there any harm in that? No, but should people be given awards where they pick their own title for the award and if so does it have any merit?

Some people call these types of awards “Vanity Awards” or “Trophies for Sale” and they exist in the book world, in business, in wealth, in International commerce etc.  This is not illegal but it is certainly questionable and the value of such awards is dubious at best.

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