Women’s Clothes Special Offer Phishing Scam

Phishing is where the scammer is trying to get your confidential information by pretending to be an organisation that you would normally trust such as your bank, government, utility companies etc.

In this scam, it’s not a trusted organisation – just an instant sale of typically women’s clothes, shoes, accessories etc. The scammer uses anything to get you to click on the link.

The most recent such emails to the radio station have been for Michael Kors handbags at 70% off and for UGG boots at 70% off.

Sometimes these adverts are well crafted and sometimes really basic but they all have the same intention – to get you to click on a link which looks harmless but isn’t. Clicking gets you to a website asking for your details. Then the scammer’s got your information to sell.

Q. How can you tell it’s a phishing email?

That’s not always easy to tell. Fortunately if you have  reputable anti-virus  software installed it will warn you of the phishing content.

Check the email senders address. If it’s clearly a made-up or inappropriate name such as offshow28.br or  metalfinishers.com or adjentcofeesupplies.ru then it’s likely to be a scam email.

Never click on a link unless you are sure it’s safe and always be careful who you give your confidential information to.

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