Why So Many Fake Blog Comments?

Anyone with a blog or website will be used to ‘people’ posting random meaningless comments on the blog or website and probably wondered why this happens so much. What is the point?

First of all, where do the fake comments come from?

They are computer generated by software that takes a set of generic phrases and rearranges them and then tries to post the result on a long list of random blogs and websites.

So you end up with fake comments such as this one from recently.

message: We’re so happy having found the web blog, it’s really the thing my wife’s friends My friends from work are hoping in search of. The information here on the web page is always enlightening and will assist my business partners significantly intuitive information. Typically I’m not on the net when I’m busy and as my friends and I get a break.”

Sometimes the posts contain lots of links to websites that the sender will be paid for posting on the Internet and sometimes there are adverts for illegal websites, gambling sites etc.

Most blogs and many websites have a process where the owner has to authorise posts but on very busy sites this isn’t always possible and the sender hopes her post will get published automatically or by someone who cannot be bothered recognising it as rubbish.

Many blogs automatically publish posts from anyone whose first post was accepted. Then they can include more illegal and/or unpleasant adverts and links in their subsequent posts.

Make sure your blog or website is setup so you have to authorise each post and if you are unsure whether a post is genuine then quarantine it or delete it.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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