WhatsApp Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s Scam

WhatsApp messages offer free supermarket vouchers, but it’s just a scam.

Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s have been warning their customers about a possible scam over WhatsApp that tries to trick people into giving away their personal details. Both supermarkets are very clear that this is nothing to do with them.

These messages are similar to the ones which have done the rounds on Facebook and Twitter previously – under the names of various retailers.

One such message reads:

“I just received a free £150 gift vouchers from Morrisons.

“Get yours before the offer ends.

“Thanks me later.”

It then links to a fake webpage to make your claim.

The fake page appears to be an online survey asking for your personal information, including your email address, home address and phone number, before the ‘free gift voucher’ can be sent to you.

When the survey is complete, customers are asked to select WhatsApp friends to share the deal with. The promotional message and link is then sent to all of those contacts. This is how the scam spreads so quickly.

If you have fallen for this scam – you may need to change your login and password and be careful of anyone calling or emailing seeming to know details about you.

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