Viagogo Dirty Tricks

Viagogo is a website that resells tickets for concerts, events, shows etc.

Viagogo has a bad reputation for hiding the true cost of the tickets and for not warning people that their tickets may not be valid (in many cases only the original purchaser can use the ticket).

The Viagiogo website uses many tricks to make people feel under pressure to agree the purchase ASAP.

The most common tricks are the use of misleading prices and creating a false sense of urgency to push people to buy.

As you browse and select, the prices shown are minimum prices and only when you are set to pay does the actual final price including booking fees etc. appear. By then the user is just trying to pay and may miss the sudden hike in price.

The false sense of urgency is created by constant popups and messages, such as:-

  • Only 2 tickets remaining
  • 120,671 people are also viewing these tickets
  • Tickets are strictly limited
  • This is your LAST CHANCE
  • Tickets will be more expensive tomorrow
  • Don’t Miss Out!

Everything is geared to pushing the customer to buy now rather than “miss out”.

Better to miss out on Viagogo’s nasty tactics altogether – find a reputable site to buy from.

If you have bad experiences with Viagogo – then let me know.

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