Unwanted Comments to Your Website

If you have a website then you will receive endless spam emails, even if the means of contact on your website is through a contact form.

There are strong contact forms that block the spammers making entries, but otherwise they do get through.

The stupidity and pointlessness of so many of these messages is amazing but it is so easy to buy access to millions of email contact forms on websites for next to nothing and flood them with messages, that half the morons in the world seem to spend their time doing this.

If you have WordPress then you probably use Akismet or similar to block direct spam messages, but here are some recent examples of such unwanted comments sent by means of the website contact form.

  1. Kristina says she is looking for a guy for a relationship. Probably a link to an adult site or a scam.
  2. Bobby says that his friends and he are surprised to have found the articles here so welcome and will tell everyone he knows to read our site. There are no articles – just a stupid message.
  3. Lots of messages that appear to be in Russian
  4. Lots of people advertising Cialis for sale
  5. Someone selling Gmail accounts in bulk (for scammers)
  6. A criminal selling pre existing Twitter accounts in bulk
  7. Viagra adverts from an online pharmacy
  8. Someone asking for our advice on how to create a successful WordPress site, as they have just created an online business. This is fake of course – just a scammer wanting to know contact details for website owners, so she can sell that information.
  9. Adverts for currency trading. All scammers.
  10. Attractive young women looking to make contact. Nope – probably some ugly Russian bloke pretending to be hundreds of women as part of a con.

Do not trust emails, contact messages etc – always check before replying to ensure it is honest.

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