Trading Standards Stop Cold Calling Pack

Trading Standards across the UK have been fighting to stop cold callers, where they intimidate householders, refuse to leave till something is purchased, worry the elderly, sell poor quality products at high prices, charge for services but don’t deliver and so on.

There are cold callers who provide legitimate services and care about their customers of course, but for many householders, unwanted cold callers are a real problem.

Buckinghamshire and Surrey trading standards co-operate in many areas and have jointly released a Stop Cold Calling sticker pack which is freely available to householders in both counties.



The pack contains:-

  • A warning sticker to go on the outside of your front door. This is to deter cold callers and makes it plain to them that they are not welcome and failure to leave is a criminal offence
  • A transparent version of the sticker that can attached inside a window
  • A “Don’t be a Victim of Doorstep Crime” sticker to go inside your door as a reminder

There’s also relevant information about cold calling and an invitation to sign up to their weekly newsletter called TS alert.

If you want this pack – contact your local trading standards as most have an equivalent service.

This a useful provision to help people who find it difficult or worrying to get rid of cold callers.

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