Time-wasters Update

Partyofthesin (actual email address is twoomail.com) claims to have sent me a message and I just need to sign up to read and reply. It says by clicking the link I agree to an account being created for me. No thanks. I have no idea if this is real or completely fake but there’s no way I would sign up for something unknown like this.

You may have seen programmes on TV and news items about how your gut bacteria affect more than your digestive system. That is true but the scammers have jumped on to the bandwagon claiming all sorts of miracle effects from your gut bacteria. “Obesity Cure” (breaking news – scientists link weight gain to gut bacteria) tells me there is one simple tweak that will force your body to get rid of stubborn unwanted belly fat every day for the rest of your life. No – just a scammer intent on stealing from you every day for the rest of their life.

Kelvin Quarterman tells me an invoice is due. Apparently there is an outstanding payment of $6408 and they would appreciate if it is paid out no later a date two weeks from now. The invoice is attached and has a password 1234. You’re out of luck evil thief – I am not going to open any attached document – certainly not one that is password protected to try to get it past the anti-virus scanner.

Martin Jones (email address is jm8587196 @gmail.com) is trustee of a $1.3 Billion portfolio and he wants my advice on where to invest the money. How about you invest it all in Bitcoin scams and lose every cent.

Solar Chargers (email address is @steptowards.bid) have got 223 solar chargers to give away to the first people who respond to the email. Nope – it’s just a scammer looking for names and addresses to sell to other scammers. There are no chargers.

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