Time-Wasters Update

An email supposedly from Nat West warns us that they believe there has been unauthorised access to our account and they have temporarily frozen our account till we confirm it is OK. However we don’t have such an account so it’s a scam message.

Free electricity is a very common theme for scam messages. This latest one starts with a warning “THIS IS DISTURBING. Power companies panicked when they saw this. Click to see this secret method”.  Where this strange belief in America that there are magical ways to generate electricity at no cost is very odd and not really shared elsewhere in the world.  The ways to generate electricity are all well known and involve taking energy from somewhere (e.g. sunlight, the wind, tidal movements, geothermal energy etc) and transforming it into electricity. There are no secrets and the only thing that is disturbing is that people try to steal from the vulnerable using this type of scam.    

 A message claiming to be from The Royal bank of Scotland says that there has been a mistake in calculation of our quarterly service charge and we owe £42,243.52. The point of the message is to get us to download the attached file which is loaded with malware. No thanks.

Another advance fee scam email arrives. Michael Reed says he has an investment of £50 million in bearer bonds for a client who has died and he wants to transfer them to my name. The email is actually from malexjamass @gmail.com so Michael Reed has an identity problem and doesn’t even know my name yet wants to give me £50 million. This seems less likely than Elvis being spotted doing a gig on the moon. No thanks “Michael”.

Alaa Hameed tells me his company wants to fund any company in any project / investment of any interest or choice as he is a broker with high profile clients from Asia wanting to invest. Is it possible anyone would believe this is true? His return email address is different from the senders address which is always a bad sign and that return address is an AOL address which means personal rather than business. Plus, he doesn’t even know my name. Pathetic.

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