The Vistafun Competition Trap

You get an email from [email protected], Looks to be from Ryanair and is signed off as

Katy Smith, Ryanair Travel manager

The start of the message is:-

“The holidays will be here soon and to celebrate we are giving away a £250 flight voucher to our loyal customers and those who are yet to enjoy a flight with us. This limited offer is only available to a few selected participants in your area so please go here to claim your voucher now”.

Seems to be great – you get a free £250 voucher from Ryanair.

When you click on the link you see the following


If you don’t read the details then you may just type in your mobile phone number and expect that you’ve got a voucher coming your way.

BUT if you read the details, you’ll see that you’re actually signing up to pay £4.50 every week (until you unsubscribe) for a competition entry.  That competition may or may not actually have a prize of a voucher.

The terms and conditions at the bottom of the page state

“By joining you consent to waive your rights to the cancellation period of 14 days”.

It also states that Vistafun is not affiliated to or sponsored or endorsed by any of the listed retailers i.e. RyanAir have nothing to do with this promotion.

If you want to pay a weekly charge to be in a competition – then this is fine for you.

Otherwise, do not enter your mobile number on a webpage without reading the small print carefully or it could cost you.

Vistafun is incorporated in Amsterdam so getting any money back from them would be very difficult.

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