The Trading Options Scam

There are thousands of professionals who trade stock market options for a living and many do very well in this complex and risky world of finance.

Scammers like products such as Trading Options as there are cases in the news of people working from home making a fortune trading options, legitimately.

The scam is simple – entice people with tales of huge successes, the jet set lifestyle and leaving their troubles behind them.  Tell people they will make fast profits in a few hours a day, be able to give up their jobs and almost instantly achieve riches beyond their dreams. Then sell them rubbish.

For many people there is also an element of fear attached to the idea of trading on the stock market so to remove that fear the scammers may promise money back guarantees or the first few trades at no risk or a pot of money already in your account.

For example, a recent email states “Your account is ready and loaded with 5 Non-Risk Trades + 150% bonus!”

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No Risk No Reward? Not True!

But they know full well that although a lot of people can be enticed into trying trading but the vast majority lose money and give up.

There are perfectly legitimate companies offering stock market trading but the reputable firms do not cold call or send spam emails and they make people very much aware of the risks involved.

A recent piece of research showed that home investors who trade options made on average only 20% of the profits of those investors who steered clear of options.  So it’s better to avoid trading options unless you are an expert.

If you want to try trading then do find a reputable company and learn before risking your own money.

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