The SharePoint Phishing Scam

Security researchers at Microsoft are warning all users of SharePoint about phishing scams imitating SharePoint.

SharePoint is a Microsoft collaboration tool for businesses and it is very popular so there are millions of users for these scammers to target.

The scammers try to steal logins and passwords from business users. It might seem a strange way to get money but the scammers will use those credentials to access company data in the hope of finding sensitive information, bank accounts, payment cards etc.

Even just email accounts and passwords they find  can be sold to other scammers on the dark web.

Some scammers focus on getting access to sensitive information then trying to blackmail the company – pay or your files will be encrypted or deleted.

These scam messages are generally profession looking and have the correct logos etc. Without inspection, they look real and users not familiar with fake SharePoint messages can sometimes be fooled.

The message contains a link that looks like a normal SharePoint link but if you check then you will see it doesn’t go to a SharePoint address but to a standard website address nothing to do with your business.

If you click the link you will be asked for your login and password. This is not SharePoint behaves so don’t give your details.

The messages subject line can be anything from Holiday booking to late meeting to price book to invoice due.

If you receive a SharePoint message and are unsure then check the ender’s email address. If its not the person you expected then delete the message.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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