The Modelling Scam

Modelling is thought of by many as a glamorous industry to work in.  For some people, especially younger people it can an option to chase after.

One latest scam targets these people.

Are You Ready To Start Your Modelling Career?”

“New Faces Urgently Required”

“Male and Female”

The email promises to fast track your career.

It says:

Step 1. Take a picture of yourself

Step 2. Fill in the simple form

Step 3. Send in the form

Is this really a model agency looking for new recruits?


There are Marketing companies looking to attract a list of people which they can then send on to photographic studios telling them these people want a professional photoshoot or to agencies telling them these people are keen to sign up and so on. That one list gets sold many times for many reasons.

Some of the messages are pure scam of course – they want your personal information to sell on the dark web to criminals and identity thieves in particular.

If you want a life in modelling – research how to get that and never reply to such emails.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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