The Fake Zeus Virus Warning Scam


You get a frightening message on screen saying that Windows has detected the Zeus virus on your computer.

It warns “Don’t Restart Your Computer

But it also provides a solution – Call technical support on 0800-086914 and gives you a code to quote to the support agent.

Your computer does NOT have Zeus virus – it’s just a webpage designed to frighten you and get you to call the phone number. If you call, the agent (who is just a scammer) will lead you through a script intended to get you to pay to have the problem fixed and in the supposed fix process may well install software designed to steal your passwords and credit card numbers.

There is no problem to be fixed – just a scammer at work. Do not call the number. If you are in any doubt then take your computer to a professional for assessment. And don’t be afraid to restart the computer – the scammer didn’t want you to realise that the message goes away with a reboot (or just terminating the browser).

Everyone should take basic precautions with their computer – ensure that anti-virus is running and kept up to date and you need to run a complete anti-virus check on your computer once a week.

Use common sense – do not open attachments or click links in messages unless you are sure they are safe.

Three of the most popular anti-virus software packages are McAfee, AVG and Norton.

Don’t fall for the scammer’s tricks.

Stay safe

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