The Account Approved Phishing Scam

You receive an email from Customer Service that says Your Account Has Been Approved”.

Sounds good.

Hang on a minute – an account at which business?

The email doesn’t specify – there is no business name.

There is loads of stuff about IDs and passwords and congratulations etc. and the link they want you to click seems to be to

The suffix .ga means the website is registered in Gabon, West Africa.

The lack of a business name and the registration in West Africa point to the email being a scam. Plus the simple fact that I haven’t applied for any new accounts and hence cannot have been approved for an account I actually want, makes this abundantly clear.

The temptation with these emails is to click to find out what the account is – but don’t be tempted – it’s just a simple phishing scam whereby the website link takes you to a page that asks for more personal information. Plus, clicking the link will mark you as a gullible person suitable to be targeted for future scams.

These emails often name a well-known bank or other financial organization, large retailer, APPLE, Microsoft etc.

All scams.

Do not click the link.

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