Stupidest Spam of the Week X-RAY Phone

Most of the APPS on Google Play and the APPLE store are genuine and safe to use.

But there are some to be wary of that are just enticements to spend money or are fake or attempt to install malware on your device and so on.

Then there are hoax and joke APPS that may claim to be something worthwhile but are just for a laugh.

X-Ray scanning APPS are something that people do search for and download.

Some such as “X-Ray Body Scanner prank” make it obvious they are just for fun. If you download this one you might expect to see somehow faked x-rays when you hold the phone over a body part. In practice it’s so full of ads you can hardly see the prank photos.

“X-Ray Wall Scanner HD Simulator” says “Scan room, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, bedroom or others and make a joke to your girlfriend or boyfriend!”.  People who have downloaded it say there are so many video apps and things you have to click on that there is no space left for the supposed fun element.

“X-Ray Alien Scanner Prank” shows pop up aliens against real backgrounds and is fun.

But, scammers send out adverts for supposedly ‘real’ body scanning APPS, X-Ray APPS and so on that are simply a con. You pay (of suffer the adverts) and get a fake picture. This is similar to the classified adverts for X-Ray spectacles that used to be popular many years ago. Obviously there is no such thing as X-Ray glasses but people did buy them and some people buy these equivalent APPS.

You can only get an X-Ray done at hospital. There will never be an APP that can do that.

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