Stupidest Spam of the Week Weird Symbol

Many people believe in symbols, numerals, magic icons, rituals, superstitions and much more.

This latest email tries to make use of some people’s willingness to accept ancient religions and symbols as being powerful.

This sacred symbol is known as the Symbol of all Creation”.

“It is 12,000 years old”.

“This strange symbol is able to switch on and off your brain waves to attract money like never before”.

Laughably stupid it may be, but it continues with claims that this sacred symbol has been scientifically proved by researchers in Moscow and has been used for thousands of years.

Strange that history books don’t show too many billionaires living 12,000 years ago, whereas there are around 2,100 dollar billionaires as of January 2020.

The scammer wants you to watch a video – no doubt she gets paid for getting people to watch whatever rubbish it is.


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