Stupidest Spam of the Week Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth seems to be a popular pastime with many people paying their dentist or expert practitioner to get progressively whiter and whiter teeth.

But many who cannot afford that choice go for off the shelf methods or even untested Internet methods.

This latest scam jumps on the bandwagon with “Getting a perfect smile is easier than ever before”.

It’s trying to sell a Whitening At Home System All in One Kit that gives you instant LED teeth.

Maybe the scammer is offering to remove the customers teeth and replace them with small LEDs, or maybe not.

The whole thing is just a scam, as is obvious from the confusing array of contradictory facts quoted in the messages.

It claims the method is “instant” then claims it takes only “9 minutes”.

It says no prescription is required then says it is 5 times stronger than any other whitening products on the market, many of which do need prescriptions.

It claims to be an unknown method but then says lots of celebrities are using it.

All rubbish. Teeth whitening is basically a process of using strong chemicals to strip off the outside layer of your teeth. The more that is stripped then the whiter the teeth but also the weaker they are.

If you want whiter teeth – see a professional. Don’t risk your teeth.

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