Stupidest Spam of the Week Mailing List

Most scammers stick to one story and just keep trying to entice more and more people to fall for that story – maybe a 419 scammer offering a fortune to be collected or the usual phishing messages wanting you to login to check something or a romancer looking for victims and there are many other scams of course.

This scammer seems confused as the messages are clearly a 419 scam talking about $28 million but also the format is about building an email address list.

So, the main story is that the sender is dying of Coronavirus and has been a bad person but now has given away most of his possessions as she doesn’t want to go to hell when he dies.

She does however still have $28 million to get rid off and has selected me to collect the money and give it to charity on his behalf and I get to keep 40% for my troubles.

Most of the email and addresses etc. include the name Ken but the email also claims the sender’s name is Mrs Aimi Jack and she is an ‘epidemiology’. There are other obvious grammatical errors in the message.

Then the message switches to being about joining Ken’s mailing list, whoever Ken is – it doesn’t say.

There are endless options for changing passwords, re-joining the account, changing options, setting a new schedule for digest messages and so on.

All completely inappropriate for the first half of the message about asking me to help her “distribute” millions of dollars.

Does being a scammer for too long rot the scammer’s brain or do they all start out as idiots?

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