Stupidest Spam of the Week Fund Authorisation

There are endless 419 scam messages i.e. those offering some fortune in cash or diamonds or gold etc. and a long winded ridiculous story of why they have that fortune for you.

The scam works by getting you to pay small sums of money to release the fortune and paying again and again until you realise it’s a scam and stop.

Some scammers moved on to trying to catch out people who have already been stung by this scam, by sending out emails claiming the people responsible have been caught and now you will really get the fortune owed to you.

All lies of course.

This latest scam claims to be from the World Bank although the sender’s email address is a personal Gmail address.

It says that your problems are over because you have been issued with security Identification IFC09-WB2021-17CCXX65(PIN2001)/ ATM CARD

The ATM card had supposedly been loaded with $10.5 million and will be sent anywhere you want it to go.

That would be a very stupid way of sending money to someone. Would you trust $10.5 million to the post?

The email is addressed to Dear beneficiary i.e. they have no idea of the people’s names they are sending the emails to.

Hence the email then asks for your name as well as address, occupation, contact details etc.

All good information to sell to identity thieves.

Pathetic lies.

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