Stupidest Spam of the Week Free Lotto

There are lots of lottery scams – where you supposedly buy tickets in some foreign lottery but turns out there are no tickets, or in genuine lotteries but the scammers never buy the tickets and just pocket the money. There are also simple phishing versions of the Lotto scam where they want your payment details to then steal more from you.

This scam claims to be from a free lottery where your email address was chosen at random from 50,000,000 international email addresses.

Of course, you have won a huge prize – in this case its 688,00 Euros and you just have to contact Mrs. Helena Sanchez to get the winnings.

For anyone who thinks this through, it’s an obvious scam. A lottery that is free has no money so cannot possibly pay out hundreds of thousands of Euros.

Surely that is as obvious as it can be?

The winning tickets has 12 digits but there are only 50 million emails in the lottery hence they would be numbered 1 to 50 million. No need for a trillion ticket numbers.

The email is not from Free Lotto but from a Gmail account – there is no business, just a lone scammer.

Pathetic and so is anyone who responds to such an email.

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