Stupidest Scam or Spam of the Week Pope Inu

You might think that it’s difficult to invent your own cybercurrency but it’s not really so difficult and many hundreds of people have done so, in some form.

They are extremely unlikely to become as valuable as say Bitcoin, but people make these for a variety of reasons.

One recent one is called Pope Inu and features a dog dressed like a Pope.

These are called meme coins meaning it’s based on an idea or theme.

The presale price for these coins was set at $0.0000001 per coin although the value once it’s in circulation depends on supply and demand.

People who understand cybercurrencies and these meme coins may want to buy into Pope Inu but anyone chasing a quick way to make money should steer clear as meme coins are more for fun and novelty than anyone actually making money.

If you receive emails or see adverts telling you there are riches to be made from these coins – ignore them.

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