Stupidest Scam or Spam of the Week Essay Cheating

There are many online services that provide essays on demand, plus academic papers and similar of all kinds.

This is not the same as services that are welcomed by the academic communities for providing test papers, reference materials etc.

Instead, these sites target people who want to do better than they deserve.

Why write a long essay for school or college when you can pay a website to provide it for you with no effort?

That’s effectively their sales pitch and these sites are common.

Large academic institutions have to protect against their students ‘cheating’ in this way but some people will always try.

Some of the latest scam emails offering this service use software to randomly combine stock phrases into messages they hope to get through the spam filters at the email service providers, but they also make it obvious that the sender has no clue what they are doing

e.g. “When it pertains to your career as brilliant future”

or “that way you wouldn’t have to reconsider prior to trusting us”

or “enjoy the incentives of wonderfully created academic documents”

or “We promote your growth in the right direction”

No-one in their right mind would want to trust an organisation to produce documents when they put out this kind of message and sends it from a private Gmail address.

Do the work yourself.

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