Scam Survey Calls

This is a variation on the common scam survey phone call, as received by Bob.

The caller pretends to from an official body and is calling due to concern about dangerous dust caused by the rock wool or other insulation in Bob’s loft.

He wants to arrange to carry out a survey today as he is in the area.

Bob told him that he doesn’t have such insulation so the caller switched to concern about cavity wall insulation instead.

When Bob also said he doesn’t have cavity walls, the caller gave up and hung up.

Bob did check and there is no official body looking into such things in his area.

Just a scammer.

These scammers have two likely ways to steal from you

  1. They get into your house to ‘case the joint’ and see if they can grab anything
  2. They carry out a fake survey then demand cash payment of an exorbitant fee.

If you have any concerns over your cavity wall insulation or similar then contact the council or call an expert but never deal with cold callers or people who send unsolicited emails.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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