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Resolver is a website designed to make it easy for people to complain and it’s free to use. Resolver say their goal is to help make complaining quick and straightforward.

Resolver also works with which is the UK’s biggest consumer advice website.

For some years there have been complaint templates available on the Internet and these make life easier for making a complaint.  But Resolver has taken the next step and automated the process online.

Resolver was started by James Walker, after his energy company ignored a complaint of his. James realised that complaining was complex and hard work and that there was no service that proactively helped consumers resolve their issues.

Resolver say “For the past decade we’ve used template letters to help – over 10m have been downloaded just on our PPI and bank charges reclaiming campaigns alone. The free technology Resolver provides can take this a leap further: automating the process, including drafting the letter, sending it, monitoring replies and then escalating it to an Ombudsman or key complaint body if it’s not sorted”.

Resolver tries to guide and support you throughout the complaint process. The system makes recommendations on next steps and when to take them, helps you keep track of your complaint and enables you to store all relevant information securely in one place.

Resolver was not set up to attack businesses or give them a hard time but to streamline the whole complaints process and reputable companies prefer this approach and work with Resolver.  They now work with tens of thousands of companies.

To use Resolver, you select the company you wish to complain to. If it’s on their list then you are presented with information about the company, their rules on complaint procedure and any other relevant information. Then you start your ‘case’ which means to entre all of the relevant information and it is sent to the company concerned.

Resolver keeps tracking of your case and any progress or fresh messages.  This is a very useful service.

If you have a complaint to make – is a good place to start.

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