Ransomware Targets

Ransomware is where software is downloaded (against your wishes) to your computer and blocks you from using the computer until you pay a ransom, usually in Bitcoins to unlock the device or decrypt the files.

You may think that Ransomware would be targeted at rich businesses, but that’s not generally the case. Ransomware scammers sometimes target home users, because they probably have little cyber security, don’t keep regular backups and wouldn’t know what to do if hit by ransomware.

Plus, there’s a lot more people than there are businesses.

Ransomware scammers may target businesses because:

  • That’s where the money is
  • Attackers know that a successful infection can cause major business disruptions, which will increase their chances of getting paid
  • Computer systems in companies are often complex and prone to vulnerabilities that can be exploited through technical means
  • Ransomware can affect not only computers but also servers and cloud-based file-sharing systems, going deep into a business’s core systems and data
  • Cyber criminals know that business would rather not report an infection for fear or legal consequences and brand damage.

Ransomware scammers may target public institutions because:

  • Public institutions, such as government agencies, manage huge databases of personal and confidential information that cyber criminals can sell
  • Budget cuts and mismanagement frequently impact the cybersecurity departments
  • Public institutions often use outdated software and equipment, which means that their computer systems are packed with security holes that can be exploited
  • A successful infection can cause huge disruption

The following blog post tells you how to stay safe from ransomware. https://fightback.ninja/test/how-to-stay-safe-from-ransomware/

If you have any experiences with ransomware do let me know, by email.

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