Protect Your Online Identity after A Data Breach

If you are informed that your personal information has been compromised by a data breach at an organisation you have an account with then you need to take steps to protect your online identity quickly.

The message from that business will normally explain what data has been compromised and will make recommendations on what you should do. These may include:-

  • Change your password with that organisation immediately and make sure it is a strong password. (see for further information on strong passwords)
  • Alternatively, you may not trust that organisation again and choose to delete your account with them.
  • Review any other accounts at other places that use the same password – change them also immediately.
  • Again, if you find accounts you can do without – then delete them.
  • Monitor your bank and other financial accounts regularly and contact the relevant institution if you spot anything suspect.
  • Review your online security generally
    • Strong passwords
    • Only keep necessary accounts
    • Do not use shared passwords if possible
    • Monitor all financial transactions
  • Consider taking out an identity protection service. There are various types of these available so choose carefully which suits your needs the best

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