Paybookclub Social Network

“Social media site is giving away a million shares”

Paybookclub is giving customers the chance to own its shares.

That sounds good, especially as it’s free. But everything is not what is seems.

Paybookclub is another social media network (run by a Marketing company CapexSales Ltd) and there’s no harm in that.

BUT, Paybookclub promises to pay members for posting their content on its service, allowing them to earn cash for every like and share they receive on their posts.

How is it possible for a social media network to pay you just for posting whatever you want?

There has to be a catch!

There are already several social media networks that claim to do this – such as empowr  []

They supposedly pay their members but it seems their members find that the rules don’t tell you how to make money and there are hidden costs that outweigh any ‘earnings’ so they never get to the cash.

If you choose become a member of Paybookclub – read the rules and terms and conditions carefully and don’t expect money for just making your own postings.

If you’ve been involved with Paybookclub or any similar social networks that claim to pay you – do let me know by email.

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