NatWest Online Scam Series

Some scammers change from scam to scam, rapidly putting out millions of scam emails on one subject then disappearing only to reappear with a new scam offering.

Others stick to one they know works.

A massive scam campaign began some months ago with what looked to be many millions of scam emails claiming to be from NatWest bank warning people of a problem with their account. Of course there was a link to click to fix the situation, which would take you to a scam website designed to get your login and password and send those to the scammer.

These emails looked fairly professional unlike most such scam emails – they used the right NatWest logo, had correct grammar and made sense.

They did use copy graphics that you could see weren’t originals and the sender’s email address was obviously not Natwest e.g. updtesNatwe5tnxp0replyservices @

This wasn’t a one-off as the emails landed in large numbers for days then switched to a different message – still NatWest but claiming the recipient was due a refund then switched to offering a bonus then ones that warned of unauthorised access to the recipients account, then warning of suspension and so on.

Meanwhile other scammers copied the approach and used the names of other banks rather than NatWest.

It is a tragedy that we have to be so careful on receiving emails as there are so many evil criminals out to steal from us, but be careful and don’t be caught out by these people.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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