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Michael Page Recruitment is a well-known large recruitment agency.

Scammers sometimes choose such an agency to impersonate when making fake job offers.

We have received a very impressive feedback concerning you based on your preceding work experience in your current company”.

You can see this is a general statement that could apply to anyone at any time.

The sender has no idea of my name, job situation or anything else so is making general statements such as

“We would like to discuss the available job opening with you”.

No mention of what the job is supposed to be.

Then comes the supposed clincher.

Sadly, in accordance with current data protection (GDPR) as well as Data Protection Act 2018 we are not allowed to share additional details in an unsecure email text.”,

This is not true of course – GDPR is about safeguarding data on customers, suppliers, staff etc. not job offers.

Then the message claims if I click the link to open the attached documents then I will see the prospective employer and financial details.

But the sender’s email address is a give-a-way as it is @convergence.it which is not Michael Page.

All rubbish

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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