Losing Weight in 1914

1914 – the start of the Great war in Europe.

Not a time to worry about losing weight.

But in America, “Every Woman’s Flesh Reducer” came to market in Chicago.

Described as “an easy wonderful external method for men and women”.

Apparently, you just had to pour the reducer powder into your warm bath and the results would be astonishing.

“Your superfluous fat will fade away, easily, surely and without any bad effects. Your figure will become as it should be – graceful, trim and beautiful”.

Sounds good but sounds very much like modern day magic weight loss scams.

And of course it was  a scam – the reducer powder was basically bath salts so you got a nice bath with it but no fat reduction.

There have always been scammers – the only difference now is that you mostly find them on the Internet.

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