Kyani Superfoods

Kyani sell food supplements and that’s fine. Maybe they are good supplements or maybe there are better ones on the market.

But, Kyani is really a network marketing business.

“With Kyani’s unmatched Dream Car Program, exotic retreats and lucrative compensation, Kyani helps you create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.”

The spam emails about Kyani do mention the food supplements but most of the sales pitch is about becoming a partner and having a rich lifestyle.

What they want is for you to become a Kyani ‘business partner’ which means an unpaid sales person for their business. For you to buy into the dream they peddle of riches for little effort. But it is they who become rich from your efforts – not you. To make the riches you are told to bring in more and more people to also become business partners i.e. people who pay Kyani.

To be a partner, you have to buy the products from Kyani then sell them on to others.

This is very low risk for Kyani but high risk for you. If you don’t manage to sell the products – well, you paid for them and are stuck with them.

For same people, this kind of network marketing is what they like and can do well, but for most it turns out to be a disaster and an expensive one.

Kyani is a legitimate company with legitimate products, but do beware that the chances of becoming rich through Kyani are exceedingly slim.

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