Is Empowr a Scam?


Not to be confused with, empowr is a strange and complicated game of money where the rules are far from clear.

It claims to be a social network where people can make money.

You make money by posting items, sharing, blogging, liking, selling and ‘fanning’ .

It doesn’t make sense that you make money from simply ‘liking’ or from posting your own articles etc. Where does the money come from?

Seemingly people are soon told they have made a lot of money but it’s not real world money – you cannot cash out this money until 90 days later and in the meantime you have to keep making actions on the website  and each time you do it costs ad credits which have to be paid for immediately  with real money (not the winnings)

So you pay up front constantly and chase after the supposed winnings but cannot get to them.

Most people end up paying so much for ad credits and other admin costs they never make any actual cash.

It’s a game where maybe some people can win but as there is no apparent source of money except for the players then the money is being moved from one to another and empowr take their cut.

The people responsible for empowr are the ones that created Fanbox which was a similar game of circulating money (real and fake) and interestingly had legal protection in its terms and conditions

WARNING: Please use FanBox for entertainment purposes only. In particular, your use of FanBox may never materialize or result in any direct or implied benefit. Any content, Earnings, time, payments, and relationships associated with your use of FanBox may be subject to modification or termination.

The email inviting us to join empowr was from a Stacey Collins but using a Gmail address rather than an official empowr address. Strange?

The small print at the bottom of the email says dollar amounts are revenues, not profits and are for illustrative purposes only.

So, the top part of the email that says that Stacey has sent us $20 to try empowr – not real.

Empowr is not recommended.

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  1. empowrsupport says:


    While we’re sad to hear your negative thoughts toward the platform, we gladly welcome the opportunity to better educate others and help you to better understand what empowr is all about.

    We’ll start by saying that the platform is a business. And this business is to help others create businesses (or long-term assets) for themselves. empowr allows its users to begin earning, regardless of their background, credit history, etc. Ad Credits are extended to allow users to begin earning. Education is one of the most important aspects of the platform to us because without educating our users properly, we find ourselves in trouble. When Ad Credits are extended, users are in full control of their utilization, and can even stop earning at any time. You can also adjust your account settings to ensure that no automatic payments are occurring, or even minimize the Ad Credits that you’re using.

    However, should they choose to utilize the ad credits to earn, they are 100% responsible for maximizing their daily earnings. We make it extremely clear for users to ensure that they are earning every single day. While you can’t cash out overnight of course, if you’re hitting your daily goals as often as possible (and your account settings are set up correctly in alignment with your preferences and goals), you will earn and cash out.
    We understand that empowr is different than any other platforms currently available, which is why empowr has placed such emphasis on providing its citizens with as many resources as possible. With free, trained, 24-hour Success Coaches available to answer questions, and over 30 tutorial videos addressing major parts of the site, we are only continuing to add tools to help our users be successful.

    empowr is most certainly not a get rich quick scheme. You won’t be able to join, put in minimal effort, and take home a big paycheck. If people are looking to put in quality time and effort to build up their own long-term brand or empire, then empowr is the place to be. It takes a lot more than posting a few photos and statuses occasionally. There are various actions that need to be taken so that you’re maximizing your daily earnings.

    We’ve recently added new ways for users to know exactly what actions to take on a given day to make sure they’re not missing out on any earnings.
    empowr is in the process of introducing so many awesome and exciting changes- a revamp of the marketplace, ridding the platform of bots and fraudulent activity, increasing cash outs for everyone, expanding and improving its educational resources, and much more. With that being said, we always welcome questions/feedback and will be here to help anyone understand the empowr platform.


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