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When you’re starting up a new company or have any other reason to need a new Internet domain name, it can be tricky to decide on the name and then to ensure the company name is available (if you want it) and the relevant domain names are available.

Then you have to ensure that the chosen name doesn’t mean something unpleasant in a common language or in slang or is unintentionally funny and that it does match your Marketing need for a relevant name.

E.g. a new bakers wants to use the name Best Bakers and decides on domain names and and that’s all.

If the domain names are available – then no problem but if what you want isn’t available? – you may have to can try to buy them from the existing owners.

Generally this will be a business or Internet operation for whom the domain name is relevant so it could take a lot of cash to pry the name away from them.

But it might also be a domain name hoarder who has what you want.

These people buy domain names they think could be valuable in the future and then they will hold you to ransom to get what you want.

Another variant of this is that once having bought the domain names you want you may get emails from people offerign to sell you related domain names.

E.g. for Best Bakers that could be or etc.

These people don’t usually own the domain name, they just were notified of your purchase. They check what related names are available and offer them to you. If you say yes and agree a price then they actually buy the domain name and sell it to you – having charged you a big mark up for it of course.

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