How Facebook Creates Insights Data

You many have wondered how Facebook puts together the data you can see under Insights on your Facebook page.

Here’s a summary of what they do.

Page Insights are aggregated statistics that are created from certain events logged by Facebook servers when people interact with Pages and the content associated with them.

Actions that are logged, include: –

  • Viewing a Page, post, video, story or other content associated with a Page
  • Interacting with a story
  • Following or unfollowing a Page
  • Liking or unliking a Page or post
  • Recommending a Page in a post or comment
  • Commenting on, sharing or reacting to a Page’s post (including the type of reaction)
  • Hiding a Page’s post or reporting it as spam
  • Hovering over a link to a Page or a Page’s name or profile picture to see a preview of the Page’s content
  • Clicking on the website, phone number, Get Directions button or other button on a Page
  • Having a Page’s event on screen, responding to an event including type of reaction, clicking on a link for event tickets
  • Starting a Messenger communication with the Page
  • Viewing or clicking on items in Page’s shop

Information about the action, the person taking the action, and the browser/app used for it include the following:

  • Date and time of action
  • Country/city (estimated from IP address or imported from user profile for logged-in users)
  • Language code (from browser’s http header and/or language setting)
  • Age/gender group (from user profile for logged-in users only)
  • Website previously visited (from browser’s http header)
  • Whether the action was taken from a computer or mobile device (from browser’s user agent or app attributes)
  • Facebook user ID (for logged-in users only)

Much of this data is only recorded if the user has a Facebook account but some is still logged for anonymous users.

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