Fake Job Offers

An email arrived from apply.a4lfw3lno45 @cosineuk.aptrack.co which is a meaningless email address.

They – whoever they are, wish to offer me a job.

“Good day!

We considered your resume to be very attractive and we thought the vacant position in our company could be interesting for you.”

OK, so who are they and what’s the job?

“Our firm specializes in online services in the matter of business administration.

We cooperate with different countries and currently we have many clients in yours region.

Due to this fact, we need to increase the number of our destination representatives’ regular staff.

Part-time and full-time employment are both currently important.

We offer a flat wage from $1500 up to $7000 per month.”

Well, $1500 per month sounds pitiful but $7,000 per month sounds rather better.

This is all far too vague to be true.

They want me to click on a link – don’t think I’ll do that.
After all, anyone who makes job offers to people they don’t know and have never met is extremely dodgy.

The link is actually to newcoin.net which is the not the correct web address for an online service in business admin.

Their email doesn’t even name the company or the person who sent the email – not very friendly people but then they are criminals.

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