Fake Dating Sites

Dating services are a goldmine for scammers and there many fake dating services online. Some are simply phishing websites designed to get your confidential information and provide nothing. Some are real dating sites but poor quality and designed to con people into paying a lot before they realise it’s a waste of time.

This new batch of fake dating sites with names such as Affairbook, Affairgram and Affairsmeet are very basic – there are no websites as such, just fake pages.

The emails sent out by the million target men interested in women  and are quite  basic such as

“Paula sent you a message. Click to see her photo and read your message.”

Or “Flirt Alert. Kirsty wants to see more of you.”

These even have Unsubscribe options at the bottom of the email – but clicking that just tells the scammer you are interested.

It’s simple to avoid these fake services – if you didn’t sign up for such a service then any emails claiming to be messages from someone interested in you are obviously fake and clicking the links is a really bad idea.

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