Facebook Share Post Scam

Since social media began, people have been having fun sharing posts and tweets etc. that they like or find useful.

That’s the idea, but many people are very keen to have their posts shared by as many people as possible and want to bypass the tricky problem of actually finding something interesting to post in the first place.

Currently, many scammers resort to fake quizzes and offers.

They may claim that if you repost for them, you will get free entry in a million dollar give-away or for every 100 reposts you will get a $10 voucher off shopping at Walmart or for every ten people who read your repost means you get $5 or anything along these lines.

Facebook’s Terms and Conditions make it clear that it is wrong to use inducements to make people repost your content.

The same applies to people trying to win ‘friends’ by such cheating or supposedly rewarding positive comments added.

Facebook along with the rest of the users want to see posts that people like or find useful or educational rather than junk that has been reposted at a price.

There are numerous people who will arrange for large scale reposting, friend requests etc. for payment.

This is all wrong, but for many the game is to beat the system rather than playing fair.

Never use such tricks or you may be banned by Facebook.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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